In September, counselors visited junior classrooms to get students thinking about planning their senior year and the transition to life after high school.  

Throughout the Fall semester, counselors will invite junior students and their parents to individual meetings where they may ask further questions regarding all things college/career. 



It can be beneficial to create a Twitter account and follow the universities that interest you. Specific colleges within a given university (Ex. College of Business, College of Chemistry, etc) may also have a twitter account. It may benefit you to follow those accounts to get more insight on their organization, stay up to date on preview days/admission deadlines, and also to find out more about the program in general.

Community Service:

By the time you graduate, you will need to have logged 10 hours of community service that was completed within the four years you were at Heritage. You may start logging these hours now. Check out the "Resources" tab to the left and select "Community Service." There, you will see some suggestions for where you could complete service hours. Be sure to print a community service form, get it signed by your non-parent supervisor, then turn the form into your counselor.

Remember, most anything that is non-paid, non-required, and takes place outside of the school day may count toward your community service requirement.


Starting in July following your junior year, you are able to start applying to college.  Click the "College" tab on the left to view more details on Xello. Counselors are utilizing this tool on a regular basis via classrooms on Wednesdays and in individual counseling meetings with students and parents.  


Did you know that you can start applying for college scholarships right now? View the "scholarships" tab on the left to visit links to nationwide scholarship search engines to begin searching for applicable scholarships today. We also suggest following these organizations on Twitter to get the most up-to-date scholarship opportunities.

College Readiness Timeline

First page of the PDF file: CollegePrepTimeline