Please pay close attention to your academic progress. We are nearing the end of the semester, so time is running out to improve your grades. You are so close to the finish line. Stay focused and keep communicating with your teachers. You can do this!


Once you have applied for admission at a university, view their scholarship tab on their website to determine if you are eligible for any of their university-specific scholarships.

To search for other scholarships, view the "Scholarships" tab on the left.

Local scholarship opportunities will be posted at the start of the Spring semester.


Community Service:

By the time you graduate, you will need to have logged 10 hours of community service (2.5 per year) that was completed within the four years you were at Heritage. You may start logging these hours now. Be sure to print a community service form, get it signed by your non-parent supervisor, then turn the form into your counselor.

Remember, most anything that is non-paid, non-required, and takes place outside of the school day may count toward your community service requirement.