2.0 Tools

2.0 Tools are interactive websites that provide some service such as allowing users to research, organize information, or create products or presentations.

Chrome Extensions are tools that can be added to your Chrome account.

Want to find a tool?  Browse by category or use command F to search for a specific tool. Have a favorite tool?  Let me know, and I'll add it to the list below.


  • Blabarize
    Take a photo, add a mouth, make a recording and enjoy
  • Vocaroo
    Record audio and embed elsewhere (recordings do expire)
  • Audio Boom
    Record up to 10 minutes of audio and use an image to embed elsewhere
  • Sound Cloud
    Record audio and embed elsewhere (3 hour limit per account)

Avatars and Animations

  • Avatar Maker
    Make and download custom avatars
  • Powtoon (requires flash)
    Animation tool for presentations that are great for teaching or student products.  
  • Mini-Mizer (requires flash)
    Use minimizer to create a lego-like avitar.
  • Voki
    Use Voki to create an avatar and animate a short video.

Bookmarking, Journaling, Content Sharing

  • Delicious
    Use Delicious to collect and organize your favorite web sites. Access these anywhere online.
  • Live Binders
    Collect, organize, and share information with live binders. Can be used as a shared storage and collaboration location by granting rights to collaborators.
  • Penzu
    Penzu is a tool for online journaling.
  • Diigo
    Use Diigo to collect, highlight, and organize anything online.
  • weblist
    Create a lists of your favorite sites.
  • Google Docs
    Create and share documents, spreadsheets, and presentations online with Google Docs.
  • Seesaw
    Student digital portfolio


Graphic & Video Libraries

Graphic Editing Tools

  • Autodraw
    Google tool to enhance free-drawing

Media, Videos, or Other Visual Products

  • Adobe Spark
    Create impactful social graphics, web stories and animated videos with Spark’s free graphic design app
  • Animoto
    Create video slideshows by uploading photos or videos.
  • Eduglogster (Paid Subscription)
    Create online, interactive posterlike designs with glogster.
  • PhotoPeach
    Create online slideshows.
  • Prezi
    Use Prezi to create an interactive online presentation that can include video, photos, and other objects.
  • Snapguide
    Find, create, and share tutorials
  • Slide
    SlideRocket is an online powerpoint alternative.
  • Storybird
    Storybirds are short, art-inspired stories you make to share, read, and print.
  • SWAY
    Create and share interactive reports and presentations that can be shared with an embed code
  • Voice Thread
    A VoiceThread is a collaborative, multimedia slide show that holds images, documents, and videos and allows people to navigate slides and leave comments in 5 ways - using voice (with a mic or telephone), text, audio file, or video (via a webcam). Share a VoiceThread with friends, students, and colleagues for them to record comments too.
  • Zoho
    Zoho is the online tool for making powerful presentations.Whether you are a professional, a teacher, a student, a businessman, a salesman or anyone looking to put together a cool presentation, you have come to the right place. Zoho Show's pre-built themes, clipart and shapes coupled with features like drag-and-drop makes it an easy application to use.
  • Thinglink
    Create interactive images with links to content for a fun visual presentation.

Organizational Tools, Graphic Organizers, Timelines

  • Bubbl
    Bubbl is brainstorming and planning made simlpe
  • Create A Graph
    Here you will find five different graphs and charts for you to create using this online tool.
  • Creatly
    Creatly is a diagraming and collaboration tool is perfect for brainstorming, planning, and communicating with a team.
  • Ekpenso
    Use Ekpenso to create and share mind maps online. Brainstorm, plan, and collaborate with this tool.
  • Exploratree
    Use templates found on Exploratree to map organize information.
  • Map Myself
    Map Myself is a free online graphic organizer / mind mapping tool.
  • Mind Map 42
    Mind Map 42 allows users to brainstorm, organize, and share ideas.
  • Diffen
    Compare any two concepts with images.
  • Instagroc 
    Create an interactive concept map.

Response Systems

  • Poll Daddy
    Create online polls, surveys, and quizzes with Poll Daddy
  • SurveyMonkey 
    Use SurveyMonkey to create and share online surveys.
  • Kahoot 
    Use this game based response system along with BYOD.
  • Mentimeter
    Create quizzes or polls in this easy to use response system.
  • Poll Deep
    Create polls and analyze responses.  Polls and response graphics can be shared through social media or with an embed code.
  • Plickers 
    Use free student response system by printing a card for each student. Students hold the cards different ways to give different responses, and the teacher uses his/her phone to record answers.


  • Destiny 
    Destiny is the district library automation system. This resource allows individuals to search for books, ebooks, and databases
  • Map Maker by National Geographic 
    View and customize maps by National Geographic.
  • Atlapedia 
    Atlapedia® Online contains full color physical maps, political maps as well as key facts and statistics on countries of the world.
  • Bartleby 
    Find famous quotes or the source of a quote at Bartleby. 
  • Quotation Page 
    Search for quoatations by author, title, or phrase using Quotation Page.
  • Word Central 
    Word Central is a free online dictionary by Merriam-Webster.
  • Britannica 
    Britannica online encyclopedia is a subscription service provided district library services. See your campus media specialist for passwords.
  • Internet Public Library
    The Internet Public Library (IPL) is a free online library of newspapers, magazines, and the suggested websites.
  • ERIC
    ERIC is a government provided database of journal articles available free online.
  • Speeches by the History Channel
    Browse through or search for the text and audio version of famous speeches.
  • GALE
    GALE is a research database of magazines, periodicals, and other useful research tools. This is available for grades 7-12.·      
  • Infoplease
    Infoplease includes free online encyclopedias, dictionaries, thesaurus, timelines, biographies, etc.

Tools for schools

  • irubric
    Create and share rubrics with irubric
  • Flash Card Exchange
    Create and share flash cards online with Flash Card Exchange.
  • Rubistar
    Rubistar allows teachers to create rubrics using easy templates. Browse rubrics created by others.
  • Vocagrabber
    Use Vocagrabber to create vocabulary lists. Paste in a text and the will create the vocaulary list for you.
  • Citation Machine
    Citation Machine helps users create MLA and APA style citations.
  • Flippity
    Create flashcards that can be displayed online.

Graphics, Video, and Screen Casting

  • Screen Cast-o-matic
    Create free screen cast videos.
  • Jing
    Use this tool for screen capture and video casting.
  • Smore
    Create online flyers.
  • Wordle
    Create a graphic based on words of your choosing.
  • Educannon
    Customize online videos and create interactive quizzes.
  • Tube Chop
    Shorten Youtube videos to show only the content you want. Will be available only to staff.

Web Design and Widgets 

  • Scribd
    Embed widget for PDF documents with links
  • Surfnetkids
    Embed codes for daily content such as "did you know...", jokes, educational quotes, etc.
  • Wonderopolis
    Use this embed code to add a "wonder of the day" to your website.


  • Lino
    Use this for sticky note sharing.
  •  Check Short URL
    Find the original address of a shortened URL. This is helpful if a filter is blocking a shortened URL.
  • Wayback Machine
    Visit archived versions of websites that no longer exist or that have changed