Community Service

By the time you graduate, you will need to have logged 10 hours of community service (2.5 per year) that was completed within the four years you were at Heritage. You may start logging these hours now. Be sure to print a community service form (attached below), get it signed by your non-parent supervisor, then turn the form into your counselor.

Remember, most anything that is non-paid, non-required, and takes place outside of the school day may count toward your community service requirement.

All Midlothian students must complete a minimum of ten community service hours as a requirement for graduation. 

Hours must be earned while in high school.

Below are the guidelines for obtaining Community Service hours:

  1. The student will receive NO pay for services, monetary or otherwise, of any kind.
  2. The service completed must benefit a person in need (a non-family member); a non-profit organization or an organization, which assists persons in need; or fulfill a civic need in the community.
  3. The service must be performed on the student's own time or as a part of a school sponsored organization in which the sponsor approves and coordinates the service during the school day.
  4. The student shall be responsible for reporting his/her own service hours according to the established guidelines.
    Forms are available in the high school counseling center and the high schools' websites.
  5. Students may not overlap (count twice) service hours for other organizations such as Honor Society, PALS, Student
  6. Council, etc. Community Service hours that are assigned as a result of a court order will not count toward the district requirement.
  7. The only time hours should be accumulated or held is in the case of completing all service hours in one location on a continuous basis.
  8. Community service hours required as a result of legal actions do not count.
  9. Documentation must be signed by the student, the student's parent, and the adult supervisor of the service activity and are subiect to verification by Midlothian Independent School District.
  10. Service hours will be entered into the system when the completed community service form is turned into the counseling office.
  11. Keep a copy for your own documentation.
  12. Students transferring from outside the district will have their hours prorated.

community service form

Community Service Information

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